Italian Hard Candy | Milk Candy | Galatine Classische | Sperlari Italian Hard Candy | 4.05 Ounce Total Weight


In 1991 Sperlari, the famous brand from Cremona, assumed control over the brand and the creation of Galatine, consolidating the exemplary milk flavour with a progression of variations, for example, chocolate and strawberry. Delicate Galatine Sperlari Italian Hard Candy has additionally been created since 2004, a line of delicate gelatine. Prior to the current round shape, the Galatine Milk candy had a square shape. The name gets from the Greek word “gala”, signifying “milk”. Galatine classiche is an Italian hard candy that is good for your children as it is a Hard Milk candy. Each tablet of Galatine is singularly wrapped so that you can easily carry them everywhere and enjoy them wherever you are. Galatine Milk Candy Sperlari is the most loved milk Italian Hard Candy. Sperlari makes Galatine only with simple and natural ingredients: milk, yoghurt and a bit of honey. Contains less than 5% fat. Try them now!

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