Pasticca Del Re Sole | Sugar Free Licorice | Pasticca Del Re Sole Liquirizia Classica | Italian Licorice | 17.63 Ounce Total Weight


“Sperlari has been carrying on the great Italian confectionery tradition, creating products capable of giving moments of happiness, excellent and unique since 1836.
Their roots are linked to the traditions of the territory.
From nougat to mostarda and candies: the brands that make up the Sperlari family have their history and uniqueness, but always keeping updated about innovations.
La “”Pasticca del Re Sole”” is one of Sperlari’s brands, a symbol of tradition since 1918. La Pasticca del Sole is a famous Italian licorice. The origin of its name – in English “”Sun king’s pill”” -comes from an idea of the entrepreneur who launched it on the market.
He was inspired by his great-grandfather’s recipe book, which contained the ingredients of an anti-cough candy, signed by Fra Giacomo the Portuguese, a pharmacist at Sun King’s court.
The “”pasticca del re sole”” is a sugar free licorice which offers its beneficial effects thanks to the extracts contained in the historic formulation.
This mint has got a strong licorice flavor and it’s Sugar-free!”

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