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“Wilhelmina peppermint is a type of mint produced in the Netherlands by Fortuin since 1892.
This peppermint was first created in 1892 as a tribute to the Dutch princess Wilhelmina, who turned twelve that year. For this reason, each peppermint features the image of Princess Wilhelmina.
They aim to continuously innovate and work to produce high-quality products, all for the best peppermint.
They want to contribute to a better world: their products are increasingly vegan and their packs, are increasingly packaged sustainably.
For more than 120 years, Wilhelmina peppermint has provided a fresh taste sensation with a royal touch.
You never know where the open road might lead. Freshen your breath every day with these Wilhelmina mints. These Wilhelmina peppermints are a sort of candies made of black and white powder, which confer to these mints the typical Dutch Licorice flavor, and makes them addictively delicious.
Wilhelmina’s black and white mints are packed in a handy roll, so it’ll be easier for you to bring them always in your pocket.
Dutch peppermints are a staple flavor and longtime favorite.
Every office needs a stash of minty goodness to combat coffee breath and boost confidence for big presentations. Buy Whilelmina Peppermmints now, and you won’t regret it!”

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