Nakd Bar | Naked Blueberry Muffin | Pack of 18 | Nakd Bars | Nakd Blueberry Muffin | 22 Oz | 630 Gr


Nakd has been producing healthy and tasty snacks for the past 14 years. Their goal is to make this world a better place by distributing the goodness of awesome flavors. Nakd bars are widely revered across the globe. They aim to spread happiness while bringing the best possible bars and muffins for you!

They now produce products in 3 different categories: fruit & nut bars, drizzled chocolish, and other yummy treats. Currently, Nakd is being sold in several countries across the globe. Jamie Combs is the man behind this amazing idea, and he encourages you to try out this global sensation! Order now! Nakd bars in blueberry muffin flavor. Order now!

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