Caramel Sauce | Bread Spread | De Ruijter Bebogeen Caramel Spread | Caramel Flavor | 12.34 Ounce Total Weight


Bebogeen is a caramel sauce, utilized as a sandwich spread. Bebogeen was halfway evolved in light of the fact that practically zero spread was accessible in the north of the Netherlands during and soon after the Second World War. Sugar beets were made into a sweet, caramel bread spread, killing the requirement for margarine. Bebogeen contains no fat, except for a great deal of sugars with caramel flavor. It normally comprises of high fructose corn syrup, dense incompletely skimmed milk with sugar, water, sugar, adjusted corn starch, thickener (carrageenan), colorant (caramel), causticity controller (sodium citrate), salt, flavor. Sometimes you crave salty, sometimes sweet. This De Ruijter Bebogeen caramel spread is the perfect blend of both. Rich caramel tones and a pinch of sea salt make this a cravings crusher. Order now!

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