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De Ruiter is a Dutch-language surname. In modern Dutch, ruiter indicates any equestrian. In the past, the name more specifically referred to a mounted soldier or knight. Variant spellings include De Rijter, De Ruijter, De Ruyter, Deruyter, and Ruiter. In 1860 cr De Ruijter opened his pastry shop in baarn and started the production and sale of mice. Mice are therefore the first product of the ruijter. For more than 150 years, the mice have represented the Dutch tradition of a biscuit with mice at birth.Hagelslag is only allowed to be called “chocolade hagelslag” if it contains 32% or more cocoa. Venz en Hagelslag De Ruijter are the most famous brands of Dutch sprinkles. Perfect for a Dutch food as breakfast. These deliciuos pink and white Mice from De Ruijter are made from aniseeds coated in several layers of sugar.n the Netherlands these mice are typically sprinkled on Rusk-type biscuits and served to guests visiting the parents of a new born baby girl.Try these Dutch sprinkles now!

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