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Fiordifrutta | Rigoni Di Asiago | Rigoni Di Asiago Agrumi E Zensero Organic Citrus And Ginger | Rigoni Di Asiago Fiordifrutta | 9.17 Ounce Total Weight


“Rigoni di Asiago is an Italian company producing honey and jams, based in northern Italy. Rigoni’s history starts with grandmother Elisa in 1923 with honey production. The diversification of its products and the introduction of new ones began in the 1970s.
The company has always chosen to work exclusively with high-quality organic raw materials in order to offer suitable-for-man and fair-for-the-environment products.
The complete control of the supply chain guarantees a high level of quality. Furthermore, the company aims to preserve and maintain the flavors of the past, trying to respect the environment and maintain a strong link with its territory and traditions as well.
Rigoni Asiago boasts a large and diversified production that ranges from honey to jams and delicious hazelnuts, ideal for the sweet tooth! Rigoni di Asiago, Fiordifrutta Agrumi e zenzero is an organic preparation with ginger and citrus as its “”secret”” ingredients. All the ingredients of this fruit spread are derived from 100% fruits and spices. Rigoni di Asiago Fiordifrutta Citrus Mix is a composition of oranges, lemons, mandarins and bergamot. The slight acidity of the citrus blends with the aromatic scent of bergamot and the slight hotness of ginger adds value to the product. Treat yourself by this refreshing summer fruit marmelade!”

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