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“Buitoni is an Italian food company producing baked goods, whose brand is currently owned by Nestlé.
The story of Buitoni begins with a small dream in a small town, more precisely in 1827 in Sansepolcro, Tuscany; Giulia and Giovanni Buitoni are the protagonists. Mrs. Buitoni was so good at making pasta at home that her products soon began to be in demand in neighboring towns and then further and further afield. Giovanni Buitoni had the idea of turning the sale of his products into a real business.
A story of love and entrepreneurship that still carries on the Italian cooking tradition after two centuries. Buitoni offers quick and easy solutions so that everyone can express their creativity in the kitchen. Buitoni produces a wide range of products, from pizza to pasta sheets, from sauces to fresh pasta and frozen pizza.
Buitoni crostini crackers are snacks made with whole meal flour. These crostini crackers are thin, crunchy and appetizing slices. It is excellent at table for dinner, and delicious as a snack between your meals. Try these crackers with vegetables or accompanied by a yoghurt sauce. Discover the unique and light taste of Buitoni Whole meal crostini !”

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