Mulino Bianco | Italian Cookies | Mulino Bianco, Tegolino 10 pieces 350 g | Italian Biscuits | 12.34 Ounce Total Weight


Mulino Bianco is an Italian firm, famous around the world for its pastry kitchen items that produces bites and treats who belongs to the famous Italian company Barilla. Established in 1974 under the coordination of Giovanni Maestri, the Mulino Bianco brand was made to recognize Barilla’s pastry shop creation, generally connected to pasta, italian biscuits, italian cookies, and many other delicacies. Mulino Bianco, Tegolino is made into fresh eggs from free-range hens, flour for cakes & lean Cocoa cream. An enriched tatste is enclosed in a fragrant shortcrust bread, for an irresistibly greedy biscuit. Tegolino: a sweet cuddle of taste. Mulino Bianco sweets are prepared without hydrogenated fats and without dyes. For this production 100% electricity from renewable sources is used.

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