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Pringles is a famous snack chips brand that was first developed by Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 1967. Before Pringles crisps came to the market, the customers used to eat broken, greasy, and stale chops that caused more harm than good. So, P&G assigned the task of making a new kind of chips that is revered by the customers, to a chemist named Fredric J. Baur.
Baur was successful in making the container airtight but couldn’t succeed in getting the taste right. This is where P&G re-arranged their system and appointed Alexander Liepa, who was based in Montgomery, Ohio, to create the perfect chips. Alexander succeeded, and hence Pringles was able to revolutionize the chips industry.
At the moment, Pringles is sold in more than 140 countries, and is considered as the fourth most popular snack brand! This chips brand comes in many flavors, and they use standard ingredients like cheese, sour cream and onion, baked potato, Pringles salt and vinegar to make themselves stand out. These paprika chips come in the regular Pringles cylindrical container as it offers a protective environment. Each chip is assorted with paprika which makes it a flavor to cherish. Get a flavor burst as you consume these larger than life paprika chips. Order now and go on a journey filled with taste and fun!

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