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“Alpenliebe is an Italian brand specialized in producing candies since 1985. Alpenliebe Candies were lauched in market in 1985 by Perfetti SPA, now become Perfetti Van Melle.
Prefetti Van Melle is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum.
The company owns brands as Chupa Chups, Mentos, and, of course, Alpenlliebe.
Alpenliebe candies are available in almost 30 countries throughout the world, but they are most appreciated in China, India, and other European and Asian markets.
Alpenliebe candies and lollipops offer a unique product experience.
Traditionally, Alpenliebe’s candies are hard and round-shaped.
The Original ones have got mou flavor, but they come in a large variety of flavors: mint, strawberry, Espresso, caramel with chocolate, and orange with chocolate.
The original Alpenliebe Candy becomes organic, distinguishing from the original version for being made with chosen ingredients only.
Alpenliebe Bio is softer than the classical version, and has got a melt-in-the mouth-texture!
Treat yourself with Alpenliebe toffee creamy candy!”

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