Katjes | Katja Monkeys | 12 XXL Bags | Katjes Gummies | Katja Candy | 211 Oz | 6000 Gr


In 1910 Josef Langenberg founded a company in ‘s-Heerenberg, located on the Dutch-German border. In the 1960s another factory was established in Emmerich, on the German side of the border. Katjes licorice became popular in The Netherlands fast. In Germany, the brand is called Katjes, in the Netherlands Katja. Since 2010 the company is allowed to call itself Royal Fassin. Katjes gummies are a available in different flavors. Buy Katja candy now!
The Katja monkeyss have a yellow snoot and a black head. The monkeys ensure a delicious taste combination of sweet Katjes licorice and banana. There are 12 XL bags in this pack, enough to share with the entire neigbourhood. Order now!

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