Klene Licorice | Coins Licorice Mild Sweet | Pack of 12 | Dutch Licorice | Sugarfree Licorice | 42 Oz | 1200 Gr


Klene licorice is a Dutch manufacturer of confectionery originally from Amsterdam, mainly known for the production of liquorice. Klene Liquorice is authentic Dutch licorice. Klene Dutch liquorice is available is many different flavors and sizes. Licorice (in Dutch: drop) is particularly popular in the Netherlands, but also in the Scandinavian countries and northern Germany. The Netherlands is the largest licorice manufacturer in the European Union. Klene licorice is a wonderfully firm structure. You can taste the quality of Dutch licorice. These traditionally coins shaped licorice candy are sweet. Enjoy the Licorice from Holland and order now!

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