Mentos Sweets | Mentos Mint Role | Pack of 40 | Mentos Mints | 10 Oz | 300 Gr


Mentos Candy was born in 1932. The Van Melle brothers traveled to Poland because of rumors about a soft fruit caramel. In the 1950s Mentos started exporting to Germany, France, Belgium and other European countries. Where a small candy can be big. Mentos sweets are available in many varieties: Mentos mints, mentos licorice, and fruit Mentos like strawberry. Order these Mentos sweets now!
Mentos Mints rolls, the most famous Frismaker of Mentos in a role. Packed in a role in a role in a convenient way or at work, for example. Tasty mint Dragees for refreshment all day long. Order now!

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