Milk And Honey Candy | Ambrosoli Candy | Ambrosoli Lattemiele | Honey Filled Candy | 8.11 Ounce Total Weight


“The brand “G. B. Ambrosoli” is well-known for its honey candies’ production. This company was founded in 1923 by Giovanni Battista Ambrosoli in Como (Italy). The development of this business idea is due to Mr. Ambrosoli’s big passion for beekeeping. Within a few years, he developed a modern beekeeping business and started to package honey in jars with great attention to quality. His business idea was to put in the shops a product that lived up to consumer’s expectations. This generated confidence in his brand and a positive image of the company, leading Ambosoli to success. Today, all the activities of the Ambrosoli group are characterized by quality: the company carefully selects products and supervises the whole production, keeping attention to consumers’ needs and expectations. “Ambrosoli” always searches for innovative ways to create new flavors for its consumers.
What do you think about the ‘Milk and honey’ duo?! A perfect combo, try it in Ambrosoli milk and honey candy!
Delicious Honey Filled Candy with a creamy texture given by the milk.”

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