Red Band Candy | Red Band Licorice & Fruit Mix 30% Less Sugar | Pack of 10 | Red Band Sweets | German Sweets | 70 Oz | 2000 Gr


Add the bold fruity and licorice flavors of Red Band candy hand-out mix to your next party, family gathering, or special event. Treat people to Red Band Sweets flavors, make colorful table displays, or draw people in with a sweet treat at your next tradeshow. A surefire way to brighten your day, these German sweets deliver a burst of delightful flavor that keeps on going; right down to the last suck. This Red Band candy maintains a strong commitment to quality. These tasty Red Band Sweets will launch you to new heights! Buy these German sweets today!
These candies fuse fruity and licorice flavor: simply delicious. And with less sugar. Order now!

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