Elah | Milk Toffee | Elah Cubik l’Originale Whole Milk Toffee | Butter Toffee | 5.29 Ounce Total Weight


While working inside a similar gathering, each brand constrained by Elah-Dufour keeps up its own specialization and creation philosophy. Elah produces arrangements for table creams, puddings and pastries, arrangements for cakes and delicate toffee confections pointed explicitly at kids and in this manner turning into the genuine “Home Pastry” for the family; Dufour produces organic product jams under the Big Frut Gelee brand, chocolate bonbons under the Carousel brand and when all is said in done different sorts of desserts (filled, hard, sticky), for example, the extraordinary Morabon and Selz Soda. The legendary Toffé and Mou were first produced by Elah in 1909. Mou CUBIK is the “sweet that nourishes” because of its rich composition of wholesome milk, with a soft rich taste. All rigorously colorant free milk toffees. Order now if you like butter toffees!

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