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“Grandi Riso S. P. A. is located in the Po Delta and has an area of 70,000 m2. Here, under the banner of the short supply chain philosophy, the rice is dried and processed, to guarantee product control.
Grandi Riso is the only rice mill in Italy able to dry directly on its premises the rice delivered by the farmers.
Respect for the raw material, high quality, and advanced technology are the company’s priorities. These guarantee an excellent product, exported to more than 35 different countries. Grandi Riso Carnaroli rice is a guaranteed product that comes from Italy. These rice grains have better flavor and are perfect to use in your recipes. Try Carnaroli Rice as ingredient to create the perfect Italian Risotto! Follow the best recipes and impress your guests with this high quality rice. The quality of Carnaroli rice is certified by Po Delta Consortium. Order the Risotto Carnaroli rice now !”

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