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“Fabbri 1905 SpA is an Italian food company that operates in 4 different main markets: from ice cream and professional confectionery to semi-finished ingredients for the food and beverage industry.
Fabbri’s story starts in 1905 when Gennaro Fabbri took over an old grocery store with a vat factory in Portomaggiore. It was the beginning of a long and successful entrepreneurial adventure, which has grown over time to the present day.
That small family business has now become an international company with 300 employees, 1300 products, 17 production lines, and 11 locations worldwide. Amarene Fabbri consists of crunchy-texture fruits dipped into a sweet, aromatic cherry syrup, for an incredible mix you won’t forget. In 1914, the Fabri company moved to Bologna, where the most famous product was born: the iconic Fabri cherries, created by Gennaro’s wife, Rachele Buriani, and originally called “”Marena con frutto””.
Amarena Cherries, with their unmistakable taste, will win you over from the first taste.

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