Kinder Ferrrero | Kinder Breakfast Bar | Kinder, CereAlé 7 cereal biscuits hazelnut conf. | Chocolate Bar | 8.46 Ounce Total Weight


Kinder is an Italian commercial brand, owned by the Italian company Ferrero S.p.A., which identifies a line of confectionery products, generally based on chocolate. The brand, launched in 1968, represents one of the main brands of Ferrero. The name derives from the German term Kinder, which means “children”. Its slogan, never modified by the foundation, reads “+ milk – cocoa”. Kinder Ferrrero Chocolate Bar has an intense chocolate taste, with dominant hazelnut filling, yet has sufficient sweetness to appeal to a broad audience. It also has the perfect texture to create happiness, providing a crunchy semi-solid bite that immediately melts in the mouth. Kinder Breakfast Bar also makes for a perfect base to make your homemade delites combining intense taste with a smooth texture. It coes with lots of taste, surprising crunchiness and the richness of 7-grain flours. The ingredients includes Hazelnut, rice, corn, wheat, rye, buckwheat, and oats. To begin the day on the correct foot, you need inspiration and energy, which is the reason to choose this product!

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