Italian Hard Candy | Milk Candy | Sperlari Strawberry Galatine | 115 Gram | Fragola Italian Hard Candy | 17.63 Ounce Total Weight


“Galatine Fragola Italian Hard Candy is the world class produce of the famous Italian candies, nougat, mustard and sweeteners producer company Sperlari. Sperlari was founded in 1836 by Enea Sperlari. Galatine have a line candy to the milk which makes it tremendously delicious, which was launched on the the market in 1956. The taste of these Italian Hard Candy Galatine has developed on 1991 with the combination of classic milk flavor with a series of variations, such as chocolate, strawberry, and more!
This delicious Galatine Strawberry Milk Candy is made to fill your taste with the classic flavor combined with strawberry in it! Sperlari Galatine are made with simple and natural ingredients, like milk, yogurt and a bit of honey. With less than 5% fat, these candies are a healthy and delicious source of calcium and energy for children and grown-ups alike. The strawberry Galatine add a touch of delicious strawberry extract to create a unique flavor profile which will melt your heart and close your eyes! Buy the best quality Fragola Italian Hard Candy now!”

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