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Belgian chocolates are famous around the world. It has been adding to Belgium’s national economy and culture ever since the 19th century. Belgium has an age-old association with chocolate, and it goes back as far as 1635. The country started importing cocoa from Africa, Central America, and South America in the early 20th century.
The Belgian chocolate candy industry took a flight upwards in the 19th century when it gained recognition with the Swiss chocolate as Europe’s most important producer. This chocolate follows strict standardization rules that were applied in 1894. These rules prevent the adulteration of the chocolate with low-quality ingredients and fat. A minimum of 35% of cocoa is added to every chocolate that is created. In 2007, Belgium’s chocolate producers combined to introduce the Belgian Chocolate Code that set the criteria to label chocolate as Belgian; it must be refined and mixed inside Belgium.
Order this classic treat and cherish the taste of authentic Belgian chocolate.
These classic bonbons are made from authentic Belgian chocolate. Try the four different flavors of mocha, amaretto, coffee, and hazelnut today and cherish the taste of goodness. Ravelli brings your UTZ certified chocolate that is made by using their classic chocolate making recipe. Order these hand-made chocolates today and fill your days with sweetness!

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