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The Katja yogurt gums are the product of katjes international. The confectionery manufacturing company was founded in 1972. Based in Emmerich am Rhein, the katjes group is majorly focused on investing in the western European sugar confectionery market. Katjes International holds the title of a strategic investment holding in the global katjes group. As the name suggests, the company strategically buys and holds confectioneries companies for its financial gains. As a result, the subsidiaries remain independent after the takeover and are run by local management, which consequently ensures consistency in quality and taste. Among its several conquests, the company owns a 50% share in the Dutch company Festivaldi, and lutti, the market-leading company in Belgium and France. Katja yogurt gums are delicious soft gums that come in 6 fruity flavors. Made from natural colors and flavors, the katje candy is the ideal favorite of children and adults. As the company believes in nutrition and health, this gluten-free candy sets itself apart from the crowd. The katjes yogurt candy is a dessert that you wouldn’t want to stop eating. So what are you waiting for! Get yourself and your children these yummy delights now!

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