Perugina Chocolate Baci | Perugina Chocolate Dark Chocolate | Perugina Dark | 17.63 Ounce Total Weight


PERUGINA is an well reputed Italian food company who are specialized in the production of chocolate and other confectionery products. It is maintaining it’s quality from over 100 years! It is currently a part of well regulated Nestlé group! It was founded in Perugia on November 30, 1907. With the superior taste of chocolate and bakery! It had faced the period of First and Second World War, It had produced and got enlarged on the tough and hardest period of the world! This delicious PERUGINA Basi Chocolate is the gift of First world war. After being affected by First World War it had focused on cocoa- based goods, from then on 1922 the historic delicious Baci chocolate was found. From the bitter and better experience PERUGINA Chocolate launched there business on America at 1935, from then PERUGINA entered into the black chocolate industry! PERUGINA Chocolate Dark Chocolate is the gift of 80’s, it is maintaining the same taste with better quality from 1980’s! PERUGINA Dark chocolate is classic on it’s own way! It has all the tasty ingredients to make the PERUGINA Chocolate Baci excellent to have on! It is maid with sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin emulsifier, natural vanilla flavor. Cocoa: 46% minimum, can contain cereals containing gluten, milk and shelled fruit!

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