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“The Rossana is a treat, in the past otherwise called Rossana Perugina , or, all the more basically, as the Red . It is viewed as extraordinary compared to other known confections among those delivered in Italy. The legendary ROSSANA is born, from the genius of Luisa Spagnoli and Federico Seneca. The name comes from the lady loved by Cyrano del Bergerac, Roxanne, in the famous Rostand comedy.
Rossana, “”the Red”” with its unmistakable red dress, has become a true taste of Italy and is still loved today by millions of Italians of all ages. Refined, sweet and seductive, Rossana Sweets are not just a candy: it’s an icon. A classic with an unmistakable taste that has conquered the hearts and palates of millions of Italians since 1926. The Rossana candy has a parallelepiped-like shape, enclosed by a ruby red wrapping that bears the composition of the name in brilliant shading. Hard outwardly, because of the caramelized covering , the Rossana has a delicate center with a rich milk filling . Its fixings incorporate mostly hazelnuts and almonds. Order now!”

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