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“The brand la Sassellese owes its name to the place where it was born: Sassello, Italy. In this little village, creativity and tradition come together to create delicious pastries made exclusively from selected ingredients. Known for the production of biscuits of various kinds, La Sassellese represents – as they like to call – an “”artisan industry.”” Their specialties are prepared according to ancient recipes, but with modern techniques. What a great combination! Amaretti cookies come directly from the old recipe from Sassello, a small Italian village. Amaretti biscuits are round, flattened, and covered with a dusting of icing sugar. They are well-known for their unmistakable, slightly bitter taste. The Amaretto is prepared with simple ingredients: egg whites from free-range hens, almonds, apricot almonds, and sugar.
Thanks to the respect of the traditional recipe and the use of high-quality ingredients, the Amaretto biscuit is a sophisticated product. “

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