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“Here you have a very typical Italian product that comes from the beautiful Toscana region! These are the classic “biscotti” as they are often known in the US (in Italian, this just means any “cookies”). Using the finest flour available (Italian “00” is the best) results in the most mouthwatering morsels. Guests that come to our cooking classes in Italy tell us that when they get home, these are the first thing that they make. And that they really impress their friends!
What does IGP mean? It’s an european quality marks that guarantees that the product comes from the specifical area and it recognises the product’s quality. IGP Cantuccini Toscani Italian Biscotti with almonds have been made for centuries with the same attention to quality. Italian Cookies with a shower of almonds are combined with fresh eggs from free-range hens, fresh milk and honey that gives life to a product capable of intoxicating all the senses. The diagonal cut is one of the characteristic features of cantuccini and is made on loaves of dough just out of the oven.
What makes cantucci unique is the double cooking: after cutting they are baked again, thus becoming even more crunchy.

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