Golia | Italian Candy | Golia, licorice gummy candies 200 g | Golia Candy | 7.05 Ounce Total Weight


The licorice is a candy enhanced with removes from the foundation of Glycyrrhiza glabra, regularly called licorice. Various sorts of licorice are delivered: in the USA the first one is called dark licorice, to recognize it from assortments that are not seasoned with licorice extricate yet are as yet bundled as lines or cylinders. In the Netherlands and Nordic nations, licorice for the most part contains ammonium chloride rather than sodium chloride, particularly in pungent licorice. Try the unique and inimitable taste of Golia, the Golia candy licorice gummy that gives you a pleasant sensation of fresh breath. Funny, nice and delicately balmy Golia italian candy with Special format is a Soft licorice gummies that are so small & so unique. Breathe Golia.

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