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The company was founded in 1877 by Pietro Barilla, a descendant of a baker’s family documented since 1576, who opened in Parma an oven for baking bread, and a small workshop for making pasta. From 140 years, Barilla develops a passion for pasta, following the production “from the farm to the fork”. Barilla aims to give people the best experience possible: having an eye for high quality, sustainability, and security. Globally, Barilla Spa has 29 production sites (14 in Italy and 15 abroad), 8290 employees, and exports to 125 countries, mainly in Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania. Barilla pesto is a Sicilian pesto with ricotta and walnuts. The delicacy of ricotta and the unmistakable flavor of walnuts come together in a creamy pesto. Prepared without the addition of preservatives, Pesto Ricotta and Walnuts Barilla is ready to let your pasta discover this incredible match. Order the lovingly handmade pesto fresh now!

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