Chicken Broth mix | Maggi | Chicken bouillon | Total Weight 5.43 ounce


Handy for every kitchen! With Maggi Chicken Broth you give home-made soups, sauces or gravy just a little extra spice, love and taste. An indispensable basic product for those who love to cook or enjoy tasty food. Prepare Maggi Chicken Broth as a drinking broth. Or use it for a homemade chicken soup with celery, carrot and fragrant parsley. But Maggi Chicken Broth is also the ideal basis for a delicious homemade pumpkin soup. To warm you up nicely on a cold winter evening. Or a light zucchini soup. Enjoy on your own terrace in the summer With Maggi Chicken Broth you get a little more from your meals. Literally and figuratively the tasteful solution for many dishes!
Use and safety: Recycling: Pot: Glass – Usually recycled
Store in a cool and dry place.
Allergy warning: Contains: Celery, May contain: Eggs, May contain: Milk, May contain: Mustard, Contains: Wheat, May contain: Soy
Preparation method: Drinking broth, 1 teaspoon per glass of hot water (150 ml) Soups: ? 1.5 tablespoons per liter of water Sauces, gravy, pasta, rice and vegetables, Add broth powder to your taste.

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