Hoisin Wok Paste | Conimex | Woksauzen Hoisin 175ml | Total Weight 6.17 ounce


A delicious sweet-spicy sauce with authentic herbs and spices, Improved recipe, familiar taste,, Sweet spicy sauce with authentic herbs and spices,, Quickly a healthy wok meal on the table,, For 2-3 people,, Vegetarian,, Without artificial colors, Conimex hoisin wok sauce, a sweet and spicy Chinese sauce with authentic herbs and spices. In combination with chicken cubes, Oriental wok vegetables and wok noodles, you can quickly enjoy a delicious meal. Add yourself: 1 bag of Oriental wok vegetables, 250 grams of chicken fillet, Conimex wok noodles
Can be stored for 2 months after opening, provided that it is kept cool
Allergy warning: Contains: Wheat, Soy
Preparation method: A ? bottle of wok sauce is enough for 2-3 people 1. Prepare the wok noodles according to the preparation method on the package 2. Heat 2 tbsp wok oil in a wok. Stir in the chicken fillet on a high heat until golden brown, then stir-fry the vegetables for 2 min 3. Add 1/2 bottle of wok sauce (2-3 pers) and the wok noodles and stir for 2 min. On high heat Add yourself (2- 3 pers): 400 g mixed vegetables such as red onion, snow peas and bean sprouts, 250 g chicken fillet, diced, Conimex Wok oil, Conimex Wok noodles

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