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“San Carlo Gruppo Alimentare S.p.A. was founded in 1955, but its origins date back to 1936 when Francesco Vitaloni opened the “”Rosticceria San Carlo”” in Milan.
The shop immediately distinguished itself for the artisanal production of “”crispy crisps”” distributed daily to bakeries and bars in the surrounding area.
Eighty years later, the crisps that have made the brand famous all over the world reach daily production levels of 100 tonnes, adding to the wide range of savory and sweet snacks and bread products that San Carlo produces.
San Carlo golden Crostini is an authentic and toasted fried crostini. It is ideal for Aperitifs, Salads and Soups. Crostini bread is simple and crunchy. The golden colors of Crostini crackers make it look different. It is a perfect recipe of quality and San Carlo tradition. Order the crunchy golden Crostini now!”

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