Paprika Pringles | Pringles Bell Pepper | Pack of 12 Small Cans | Pringles Multipack | Pringles Crisps | 16 Oz | 480 Gr


Pringles is a famous snack chips brand that was first developed by Procter & Gamble in 1967. Before Pringles crisps came to the market, the customers used to eat broken, greasy, and stale chops that caused more harm than good. So, P&G assigned the task of making a new kind of chips that is revered by the customers, to a chemist named Fredric J. Baur. Pringles was able to revolutionize the chips industry. At the moment, Pringles is sold in more than 140 countries, and is considered as the fourth most popular snack brand! These Pringles bulk packs are for the real fans. Small cans are available to prevent eating large cans at once. Order these Pringles crisps now! Paprika is one of the most popular flavorquoles in the Netherlands. Order Pringles Paprika now!

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