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Hagelslag De Ruijter In 1919 the director of licorice factory, Venco, invented white sprinkles with aniseed flavor as a bread topping. According to the archive of the municipality of Amsterdam, a rough day in autumn brought him the idea: it was hailing. The original recipe of hagelslag can still be found in this archive.
Chocolate factory Venz was the first to produce chocolate sprinkles (chocolade hagelslag) as a bread topping. Hagelslag is pretty common in Holland, Belgium and former Dutch colonies (Indonesia and Suriname)
Hagelslag is only allowed to be called “chocolade hagelslag” if it contains 32% or more cocoa. Venz and De Ruijter are the most famous brands of Dutch chocolate sprinkles. Nowadays Dutch chocolate sprinkles is available in many different flavors and shapes: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and extra dark chocolate are common. are the most well-known, but there are also several varieties with fruity flavors. Order XL chocolate sprinkles extra dark now!

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