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“RoyalKoopmans is a family-owned company. The company started as a one-man business in the mid-19th century and has developed into a thriving business with more than 125 employees.
Their products are ground from the best grains, grown on carefully selected fields and consist of the most beautiful blends.
Royal Koopmans’ philosophy consists in 3 simple aspects: Innovation, craftsmanship and natural products.
They use the latest consumer insights and technology to develop new sustainable food solutions based on grain, which make them a cutting-edge enterprise in food production. One of their best-selling product is the famous Apple Pie, here you can find a lot of different apple pie recipes!
Koopmans apple pie extra dough is an Apple Pie seasoning, made especially for big baking pans. To create this wonderful pie you have to add the baking mix to 220g butter, 1 egg, apples, raisins, sugar and some cinnamon to make the Apple Pie recipe more spicy.
Everyone’s gonna love this apple pie, it’s a classic! We suggest you to serve it warm with some fresh whipped cream. This hot-cold contrast will make the apple pie irresistible. Try it now!

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