Breakfast Drink | Brinta | Wake up! Banana Drink Breakfast 5 x 22g | Total Weight 3.88 ounce


Brinta Wake Up! is a complete drinking breakfast with which you take good care of yourself. It is fast, easy and nutritious. Brinta Wake Up! consists of whole grains and is a source of dietary fiber, 5 vitamins and iron. Brinta Wake Up! for a powerful start to every day! Dietary fiber, Brinta Wake Up! contains whole grains and is rich in dietary fiber Energy, Brinta Wake Up! is a source of 3 different B vitamins, which help to release energy from the diet Oxygen transport, Iron has a positive influence on normal oxygen transport in the body Fast & nutritious breakfast, ready within 1 minute!
Use and safety: Recycling: Box: Paper – Usually recycled
Storage: Best before the end: see bottom of package. Keep cool and dry.
Allergy warning: Contains: Milk, Contains: Wheat, Contains: Barley
1. 175 ml of cold milk 2. Wake Up! add & stir 3. Wake Up! for a powerful start For a fresh shake: replace half of the milk with ice and add some pieces of fruit (strawberry / banana).

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