Gocciole Pavesi | Gocciole Cookies | Pavesi | Gocciole Extra Dark | 400g | Cookies From Italy | 17.63 Ounce Total Weight


“Pavesi the world-class crackers, breakfast biscuits, and snacks producer is a well-known Italian brand, which was founded in 1937. The pastry chef Mario Pavesi was the founder of this delicious biscuit and crackers brand! Pavesi is producing premium quality chocolate covered or layered crackers from the beginning. In that way, the Pavesi introduces the Gocciole Cookies, which are one of the greatest inventions from Pavesi.
The Gocciole Pavesi Cookies From Italy are made so elegantly with shortcrust pastry biscuit covered with chocolate chips. Which makes it crispy and delicious in every bite. Irresistible Gocciole Pavesi cocoa biscuits with extra dark chocolate chips. A pleasure never before experienced! The great combination of extra dark chocolate with cocoa paste makes Gocciole Cookies, a mouth watering cracker to have on any occasion! Order the Gocciole Pavesi Cookies From Italy Now! To explore the classic taste of cookies!”

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