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Italian Cookies | Gourmet Cookies | Bistefani, Krumiri Chocolate drops | Italian Biscuits | 10.22 Ounce Total Weight


“Bistefani was conceived on account of Luigi Viale in Casale Monferrato in the Province of Alessandria in 1955 with the name of Biscottificio Santo Stefano , at that point contracted in Bistefano and soon after in Bistefani. He started to create krumiri , at that point short cake , baci di dama , canestrelli , “” offelle “”. In 2002 Bistefani procured Nuova Forneria SpA, an organization established in 1990 from the halfway privatization of the dessert shop area of the SME gathering to which the exercises of the bread kitchen items area for constant utilization (ie the old “”Merendine Motta””) had been given and the capital of which the Barilla Group and Ferrero had a place for 49% of the offers. The organization was then exchanged in 1995 to the organization “”Parfin Holding””, headed by the business person Armando Cecchetti, previous proprietor of the SIDIS general stores. In 2006 the two organizations converged to shape the Buondì Bistefani SpA Group, today Bistefani Gruppo Dolciario SpA. On 9 February 2013 , the securing of the organization by the Bauli bunch was reported. On 14 March 2016, the CEO of Bauli reported the conclusion of the Bistefani manufacturing plant in Casale Monferrato and the exchange of the creation lines to Verona . There are many legends aimed at revealing the origins of the Krumiri, a specialty of Casale Monferrato. Some refer to the desire to pay homage to the sovereign Vittorio Emanuele II and his famous “”handlebar”” mustache. Others tell of legendary soldiers of fortune, the Krumiri, who fought in Casale Monferrato centuries ago. Whether these legends are true or false, everyone agrees that Krumiri Bistefani Italian cookies are the best. The Italian Biscuits Krumiri Gocce Bistefani are legendary not only from the origins but above all the unmistakable flavor of a precious and ancient recipe combined with a delicious shower of dark chocolate nuggets Gourmet cookies. Their shape makes them unique, timeless and capable of sweetening any moment of the day. The day is sweeter if it takes the right turn … goodness has its shape!
Shortbread or pastries? Krumiri!”

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Italian Cookies | Gourmet Cookies | Bistefani, Krumiri Chocolate drops | Italian Biscuits | 10.22 Ounce Total Weight

Out of stock