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Bonomelli was founded in Milan in 1908 by Luigi Amedeo Bonomelli when he inaugurated its herbal pharmacy, specialized in liqueurs and syrups production. In this way began an entrepreneurial adventure that spanned the entire history of the twentieth century to the present day. Bonomelli immediately distinguished himself for his constant search for the perfect synthesis of taste and well-being. Today, as then, every Bonomelli product contains the same passion and expertise of a “know-how” that has been renewed for over 100 years to offer you all the pleasure of nature in a cup. Bonomelli camomilla Relaxing is 100% natural herbal tea with hot-cold infusion, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower and Valerian extract. The pleasant taste of this herbal tea is due to the presence of chamomile, hawthorn and passion flower, plants traditionally known to promote relaxation. Take this cup of calm and relax your self! Catch the first vehicle on the way to this special blend of herbal tea!

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