Twinings Green Tea | Gunpowder Green Tea | Twinings Gunpowder Green Tea | Twinings Box | 3.52 Ounce Total Weight


“The history of the famous tea began more than 300 years ago with Thomas Twining, an English trader who first traded tea with the East Indies. The success of this new beverage was incredible, so much so that it became the English’S favorite drink.
More than 300 years later, the passion for tea is still at the heart of the company’s business. Every week the Master Blenders taste more than 3,000 cups of tea. They safeguard the quality of Twinings products and develop new and fascinating blends. Twinings gunpowder green tea comes in new packaging and new look packaged in an attractive reusable tin. This twinings box contains fragrant blend of rolled gunpowder green tea leaves. Gunpowder green tea has a light and aromatic blend from the orient. Order this incredible Twinings green tea now!”

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